Google PageRank Update takes place rarely recently - though subpages are updated on a regular basis.

Toolbar PageRank is slightly different from Google PageRank as the PageRank shown in the toolbar does not completely reflect the way Google judges the value of a website.

The dates below show the domain pr updates since 2008.

Google Toolbar PageRank (PR) Update in 2011
January 20th 2011

Google Toolbar Update in 2010
Updated on April 03rd 2010

Google PageRank (PR) Update in 2009
December 30th 2009
October 30th 2009
June 25th 2009
May 27th 2009
April 1st 2009

Google Toolbar PageRank Update in 2008
December 31st 2008
September 26th 2008
July 25th 2008
April 30th 2008
February 29th 2008


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